Contract type:  Permanent contract
Work time:  Full time
Location:  Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier


Who are we ?

In an international and important growth context, we are experts in conception and realization of made-to-measure specific equipments for industry.

We adapt to our world evolutions to offer our clients new technical and innovative ideas.

Our passion ?

Automobile and a taste for challenges that drive us to go further and reinvent ourselves all the time.

Our mindset ?

Thinking ahead ! 

In an important growth and developing competitivity context, we look for a PROCESS & AUTOMATION EXPERTISE ENGINEER (W/M)

You incorporate our Engineering service, composed of 4 poles

  • Mechanical Conception Pole,
  • Electrical Conception Pole,
  • Automation Pole (automation, robotics, vision)
  • Industrial IT Pole.

In order to find the solution (automated cells and lines) that corresponds to our clients expectations, in compliance with QCD.


Main Missions :

- RFQ support : Answer to clients RFQ (automobile manufacturers) :

    • You create made-to-measure machines concepts with ingenuity and innovation (in compliance with Technical Specifications), in contact with technical teams,
    • You send techno-economical solutions to strict minimum (Design-to-cost, Design-to-manufacturing),
    • You contribute to concepts/subassembly optimisation developped in the company,
    • You participate to the definition of the technical and multi-sites organization strategy, and the definition of optimised conception methodologies in terms of costs and delays / tuneup (identifcation of dimension elements / critical points of machines, preliminar risks analysis and so target Value-added
    • Your pragmatism and knowledge of conception tools (Solidworks, PDM, …) allows you to define news standards, to optimize the actual ones and so you can have more competitive conception costs and delays.
    • You develop and boost our units/functions catalogue (Internal Experience Feedback, After-Sales Service analysis, …) in order to offer our clients a panel of technical solutions corresponding to their needs / QCD demand, participating to Project Experience Feedback analysis.

    Project steps

    • You may occasionnally (regularly) coordinate conception activities in an operational project, in order to keep in mind the field realities (project, workshop, tuneup ,…), and to collect experience feedback for your activities.
    • Your knowledge of the market and the machines/concepts of competitors allows you to understand actual and future needs of our industrial clients.
    • You are source of recommendations, competitive and innovative solutions and define their Validations Plans, in order to industrialize them keeping in mind the economic notion.

    You always look for new technical and normative technologies and materials and realize Benchmarking analysis (international multi-clients approach, good comprehension of cultural differences, …).

    Your knowledge of various industrial concepts (robotized cells, cobotic, machines capacitaires, assembly-lines, production flows optimization, …) allows you to identify existing competitive solutions with a high value-added.

    Job responsibilities :

    • You are the main contact of Sales & Business department : you can drive them technically and help them for their quotations (capacity to define realistic and competitive hours and supply budgets).
    • You are central between the different services : Sales & Business / Engineering / Supply Chain / Manufacturing, in order to assure internal and external (clients and suppliers) efficient technical advice.


     Engineer by training (generalist, …),

    • You should have at least 10 years experience in an industrial sector (Methods service, Industrialisation, Know-how, Process, Standardisation)
    • You preferably have a perfect knowledge of automobile pieces or subassembly industrialisation (special machines, assembly lines, robotised cells)
    • You have strong technical knowledge in a main part of the following process (various concepts, technical solutions, technologies etc.) : 
      •  Automation and robotisation
      •  Plastic welding (ultrasonic, hotplate, etc...)
      •  Gluing, lubrication, dispensing
      •  Punching
      • Mechanical assembly
    • You have good knowledge of competitivity and R.O.I. calculation
    • Conception tools practice (Solidworks, PDM, …) is an asset
    • You are curious, flexible, autonomous
    • Your relational capacities allow you an efficient transversal management of an engineer team (local management / outsourcing, but also with abroad Engineering teams : Czech Republic, Poland, Marocco, Mexico, …).
    • Your mastery of the English language (fluent) allows you to speak easily with our international sites about multi-jobs activities (technical, communication and organisation) but also with our main clients (preliminary draft project help and co-conception) 
    • German would be as asset

    Réf: 909f7b76-9332-4c03-b00f-973d19d2c72d


    •    Permanent contract
    •    Full time
    •   Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier

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