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The Koezio Group

KOEZIO Live Adventures Games

KOEZIO is an International Group owned by Bertrand Delgrange and the founders of the Decathlon Group that develops indoor urban amusement parks inspired by the universe of Secret Agents. We are currently operating 4 indoor adventure parks, and the 5th is under construction to open in 8 months (Lille - Southern Paris - Northern Paris - Brussels - Lyon).We are preparing the design and launch of future parks (Central Paris - London - Amsterdam - Madrid, etc.). We welcome 150,000 people each year per park and have 10 years of experience on the market.

Our employees have a common connection with our clients: they want to feel a strong human experience. Something that makes you move, something to remember, something fun! That's exactly our speciality. Our training centres for Secret Agents have seen success in France, Belgium and soon all of Europe. We cultivate team spirit, cohesion and a fun experience in a safe environment with high-quality services


Within our expansion and the design of new missions and attractions, we are looking to bring in a full concept & construction team and create a position for a


  Led by the founder/CEO of KOEZIO and in collaboration with the concept & construction team, your role will be to study and create memorable experiences for our players: the design of new games, the creation of new attractions or play modules and the recasting of game rules and organisation for existing Missions (gameplay, scoring, flux etc.).

Your future job at KOEZIO:     Mad creative with a practical mind 

                                               > Designer of memorable experiences!

You perfectly understand our core values, our philosophy and the expectations of our clients and the entertainment and indoor/urban leisure market (FEC, LBE, etc.), To design ideal future attractions to incorporate in current and future KOEZIO parks!

Staging Koezio’s atmosphere/missions/attractions / Overall vision of the project

  • Coordinate creatives (scenographers, graphic designers, copywriters) externally.
  • Write, synthesise data about the Koezio game world / the themes, scenery, atmosphere.
  • Draft KOEZIO mission storyboards (current and future): pitch / scenario highlights, etc.
  • Detail mission screenwriting (scenery elements, AV, FX, technology etc.)
  • Define targeted customers, attractiveness, market position

 Creation and integration of new KOEZIO missions/attractions in line with the Overall vision

  • Define the added value for clients of each mission or new attraction
  • Draw up the goal, the rules and scoring for missions, revisit levers, SWOT analysis, etc.
  • Organise sourcing, find ideas for play modules and elements to incorporate in these missions.
  • Calculate and confirm the flux of visitors, analyse the economic data and project profitability.
  • Incorporate new missions into the building plans (new or existing), based on the principle of visitor experience/overall lived experience (3D vision, design, graphic inspiration booklets, etc.).
  • Draft operational and technical specifications of projects for submission to contractors.
  • Source, test and incorporate technology adapted to the client experience: AR, VR, simulators, etc.
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders (internal or external) and unite project teams.
  • Animate projects with an agile approach / project teams with respect to deadlines.

Installation of new attractions and concepts

  • Support the implementation of new attractions/buildings in existing parks and parks under construction in collaboration with the construction project manager.
  • Respect objectives, costs, deadlines and quality while the project is unfolding.
  • Handle and follow up incidents and put remedial actions in place.
  • Ensure or supervise reception operations as well as project documentation.
  • Form and support operational teams when opening new projects/missions.

Profile required


 You have significant professional experience in the creation, design and implementation of entertainment, set design or attraction experiences in the entertainment world, amusement parks, escape games, theme parks, museums, etc.

You like the entertainment industry. You frequent amusement parks and innovative entertainment activities. You love to play all sorts of games (board games, video games, AR/VR, etc.). You are usually the one who explains the rules.

You have a very "client"-oriented vision and an acute attention to detail.

You're curious, creative / logical. You constantly go out to discover new things.

You know how to draft blueprints for your ideas and synthesise scripts to "sell" your ideas internally. You've mastered 3D and various other design tools. You are a good designer, creative, storyteller, etc.

Your communication skills allow you to take on a driving role in your missions.

You have an excellent level of English.

You are very independent and can work in a start-up environment in a small unit.

You are mobile and able to travel worldwide

The position is based in our "concept" head office: Koezio Labs in the suburbs of LILLE / France. Fixed salary + dependent on candidate experience.

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