Contract type :  Permanent Contract
Work time :  Full time
Location :  Lorient

The Company

What about reinventing your job?

Joining Venetis means developing your skills with a long term contract and a certified zero routine job !

Our everyday mission: recruit YOU, create a full time job for you, shared between 2 companies minimum.

You want to feel useful?

You dream of professional fulfillment?

You want a unique and dynamic work, at your image?

Join Venetis!

The job

Coriolis, a company of the Lorient area needs you and we are actively looking for an another one to create an interesting shared time job. 

You will enter a community of passionate people connected by their need to innovate, to be creative and to work with the latest technology. You’ll discover a world where attention is given to employees' wellbeing and work-life balance.

Working directly with the CEO and in close cooperation with the HQ HR team your role is to federate internally around the values and culture of the company, create cohesion between teams, facilitate access to the information and knowledge, exchanges between employees and create a sense of belonging to a "community”.

As an Internal Community Manager, you create the perfect conditions to internal cooperation: projects which nurture the collaborative and learning mindset and allow people to communicate and share. You act as facilitator between employees and as an advocate & moderator for this internal community. 



• Federate internally around the values and culture of the company through the organization and animation of internal meetings/events:
o Organize team building activities (Training days of April (2 days), September Cohesion Days…)
o Promote internal projects and assist groups for presentation at the end of the year
o Support the actions and communication of the existing "culture and value" group 
o Promote and participate occasionally to sports challenges (even as a spectator), outings, internal project groups and ensure feedbacks

• Production and sharing of internal information, knowledge expertise and resources
o Inform employees about news related to the company or its environment (competition, customers, partners) and improve their access to information using existing internal media 
o Moderate and animate internal community on Yammer and communicate "in real life" on Yammer groups (challenges, outings ...)
o Develop new original and engaging content format to expose and highlight key info and knowledge

• Create bridges and team cohesion between the different business lines and promote exchanges and transversality 
o Support teams and individual employees with their internal visibility, sharing, and interactions with the rest of the company
o Organize cross-cutting trainings 
o Organize and animate return of experience or exchanges of skills
o Organize meetings between different professions
o Organize of meetings between employees of different business lines

• Promote external inspiration to help employees to think “out of the box”
o Organize meetings/presentations with external professionals whose job and skills are different from those inside Coriolis
o Organize trainings provided by external trainers

• Participate to the development of a positive employer brand 
o Be an ambassador of the internal work environment on social networks and recruitment fares to attract new talents
o Participate to creating a human and efficient integration course for newcomers

The expected skills

To succeed in creating this position of Internal Community Manager you have at least one relevant experience in internal communication and a good knowledge of business organization, but also:

• Full proficiency in English & French with good writing skills • Mastery of the Pack Office • Mastery of common social networks  • Excellent communication, collaboration skills and diplomacy • Ability to work autonomously and responsiveness • Enthusiasm • Accuracy • Creativity and innovation capacity

CDI contract

Working time: Full time.

Remuneration: According to profile between 25K€ / 33K€

Start date: as soon as possible.

We are looking for the best talents, the most dynamic and competent people ... but also the most friendly!

If you recognize yourself, do not wait any longer, apply!

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This position has been filled.

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