Postdoctoral position in automatic characterization of motor speech disorders F/H

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  • Subsidiary :  Signal Processing for Communication

  • Contract type:  Fixed-Term contract

  • Work time:  Full time

  • Localization Martigny

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Job description

The Idiap Research Institute seeks qualified candidates for a postdoctoral position in the field of signal processing and deep learning for the automatic characterization of motor speech disorders. The research will be conducted in the framework of the Swiss NSF Sinergia project ChaSpeePro (Characterisation of motor speech disorders and processes). This is a consortium project that involves Idiap, University of Geneva, University of Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle, and Geneva University Hospitals.

Various conditions of brain damage may disrupt the speech production mechanism, resulting in motor speech disorders that encapsulate altered speech production in different dimensions. To diagnose motor speech disorders, clinicians exploit perceptual assessments typically involving detection by ear of clinical-perceptual signs of disrupted speech, e.g., articulation deficiencies, vowel quality changes, pitch variation, or rhythm disruptions. These assessments are subject to the expertise of the clinician and can be time-consuming. To complement the clinical-perceptual assessment, the successful postdoctoral fellow will research novel automatic signal processing and machine learning approaches using speech and brain signals. Such approaches should be able to cope with realistic clinical constraints.

The ideal candidate should hold a PhD degree in electrical engineering, computer science, or related fields. They should have a background in statistics, applied mathematics, optimization, linear algebra, and signal processing. The applicant should also have strong programming skills. A solid experience in speech processing/machine learning is an asset.

The postdoctoral fellow will join the Signal Processing for Communication group at Idiap, under the supervision of Dr. Ina Kodrasi. They will closely collaborate with the PhD candiate within the same project and the different project partners. Appointment for this position is for an initial period of 1 year, with the possibility of renewal based on performance. Funding is currently available for a total of 4 years. Starting date is to be negotiated. The annual gross salary in the first year is 80,000 Swiss Francs. All queries related to the advertised position can be sent to Dr. Ina Kodrasi (ina.kodrasi [at]

At Idiap we place great emphasis on diversity and strongly encourage individuals from underrepresented groups to apply.

Sought profile

The Postdoc candidate will work under supervision of one of senior researchers at Idiap, together with other colleagues from the speech group.
The Postdoc candidate should hold a PhD in relevant fields, while demonstrating excellence and motivation in research in general, and in the targeted research areas. A background in one of the following relevant fields - statistics, applied mathematics, optimization, linear algebra, signal processing - is expected. Postdoc applicants should ideally have good expertise in hidden Markov models, deep neural networks, and/or statistical language modeling/natural language understanding.
The applicants should also have strong programming skills and be familiar with Python, C/C++, and with the Linux environment.

The postdoc contract will be for one year, with a start salary of 80,000 CHF/year, with a reasonable chance to be renewed based on performance.
Positions will remain open until they have been filled. All queries related to the advertised position can be sent to

Required languages

  • Anglais Anglais - Level advanced

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Postdoctoral position in automatic characterization of motor speech disorders F/H

Signal Processing for Communication
Fixed-Term contract
Full time

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