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What is Unseenlabs, the French company that conquers space?

At Unseenlabs, we are building our own satellite constellation dedicated to the protection and safety of the oceans. In 2015, Jonathan & Clément Galic developed a technology for the detection of electromagnetic signals from space. This groundbreaking technology is dedicated to the oceans as it allows the geolocation of all the vessels at sea everywhere on the globe – even dark vessels that are invisible for conventional maritime surveillance systems.

Unseenlabs provides accurate data on maritime traffic, and meets the needs of multiple public and private stakeholders like states, maritime insurance companies, shipowners, NGOs, etc. It allows powerful actions against unlawful activities at sea such as illegal fishing, overfishing, illegal dumping or piracy.


Keeping our head in the stars, but our feet on the ground: discover the jobs available at Unseenlabs

To develop our constellation, and meet our customers’ growing needs, the team is composed of talented collaborators who come from various backgrounds: Product Engineer, R&D Engineer, Software Developer, etc. You too can join this exciting venture initiated by the Galic brothers!


An innovative technology dedicated to the oceans

Unseenlabs provides a new type of data to maritime stakeholders. The space-based RF detection technology developed by Unseenlabs enables the geolocation of all the vessels navigating at sea that turned off their location beacon (AIS), at any time of the day or night, anywhere on the globe, and in any weather conditions. Unseenlabs uses nanosatellites to provide RF data to its customers worldwide. It is a revolutionary way to quickly deploy a satellite constellation with a one-of-a-kind technology!


Our vision

Our vision at Unseenlabs: collaborating with passionate people, providing data to customers that care about the oceans and security, remaining a world leader in space-based RF detection from space, etc. Our motto at Unseenlabs? “Working hard, without being hard on ourselves”!

Since the very beginning, the founders of Unseenlabs have worked to create a diversified, talented, motivated and creative team.

Maybe it’s time for you to join us!


Our values

  • Work for the common good

    Bring more transparency in a constantly evolving world

  • Work in team

    Imagine, communicate, listen and learn

  • Have fun

    Give credit to your work, and take some time to enjoy life

  • Be strong-willed

    Test, measure, improve!

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